A new Armenian–Japan Program Against Landslides Kicks off

On February 18, the Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan received the regional project manager of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Daisuke Fukumori.

In the conference hall of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Minister Yeritsyan and JICA project manager Daisuke Fukumori signed a protocol of “Landslide disaster management program in the Republic of Armenia”.

Welcoming the guests, Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan noted:

- One-third of the territory of Armenia is in a dangerous landslide zone. In our country there are about 3,000 landslides, of which the most dangerous are 120. I am confident, that this program will be a significant contribution to the prevention of landslides and mitigation of damages. Landslides management issues are in the spotlight of the Government of the RA. In July 2013, the Government of Armenia approved the concept of “Management of landslide disasters of the Republic of Armenia”.

Expressing gratitude for the warm reception, Mr. Fukumori highly appreciated the work performed with Armenian colleagues:

-The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA is a reliable and effective partner. Japan implements other development programs in your country, and I hope that this program will also be a success, - added JICA project manager.
By signing the protocol, a-three-year project on “The landslide disaster management planning in the RA” was established.

 The main goal of the project is the creation of a comprehensive management plan of landslides in the Republic of Armenia, which will include monitoring, initial and long-term measures, implementation of appropriate activities and landslides damage reduction.
Expected results are: the map of the distribution of landslide zones, landslides log will be updated and the priority of activities will be clarified. Bills and ministerial decisions related to the implementation of anti landslide activities will be prepared. 
As a pilot project will be monitored landslide slope and evaluation activities on drainage, will be presented the action plan, evaluation and design activities of the pilot program, monitoring system of disaster in real time.

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